Home Cold Sore Remedies You Can Use Right Away

There are numerous natural cold sore remedies that are proven to work and are really effective. Essential oils of certain plant are one of the remedies. There are a number of plant oils that scientist have discovered to be effective in fighting viruses. Studies demonstrated that certain plants like chamile, them, and ginger were effective against a strain of the Hsv simplex virus.

A similar herbal remedy is tea tree oil. Using Tea tree oil to help remedy against the Herpes virus and an assortment of other viruses has been shown to be effective. In scientific tests on tea tree oil scientist saw that whenever the oil was put on open sores, they would not spread anymore.

Cat’s claw is another plant which has been proven to have anti viral tendencies. It's also safe to use. Drinking a few servings of tea blended with Cat's claw a week, could do wonders in the prevention of the spread of sores. Even more herbs which have demonstrated to have anti viral tendencies are peppermint and lemon balm, which you'll also create a tea out of. If drinking tea isn't your thing, than you may purchases capsules with herbs within them. The recommended dosage, to avoid cold sores, is 2-3 capsules on a daily basis.

All right now let’s enter into cold sore remedies you shouldn’t try since they are ineffective, dangerous, or both. The first one is bleach, now this sounds pretty obvious, but I’ve actually seen advice telling visitors to put bleach over a cold sore. Do not try this, its toxic and dangerous, and might lead to other health conditions.

Another really bad remedy to try out is freezing the sore using an ice cube. When ice comes in contact with your epidermis, the coldness can result in frostbite. Putting an ice cube on your cold sores might appear to work in freezing it, but it could also damage the tissues resulting in more dangerous problems.

Another really bad idea is to use chemicals which are not for sores on your own sores. Keep in mind that these open sores come from viruses. What you need is a thing that attacks a virus directly. A weak immune system and stress are what usually causes them. If you notice a pattern of cold sores, than you'll want to have a look at your daily life and pin point where you could be stressed out. That maybe the reason and when you fix that, the problem may also disappear.

Cold sores can be annoying and irritatating which make us wish to eliminate them in whatever way possible. Just make sure that you use smart and safe cold sore remedies.

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